Lost Fishermen May Have Eaten Friend

Pair marooned in Siberian taiga

Adam Roy

Two fishermen who were rescued in Siberia after spending three months stranded in the taiga are suspected to have killed and eaten one of their companions. Alexei Gradulenko, 35, and Alexander Abdullaev, 37, were picked up by helicopter months after getting lost on the remote Sutam River in temperatures that dipped below -20 degrees Fahrenheit. Police in Neryungri in northern Russia’s Sakha Republic say they’ve launched a murder investigation after finding a wooden stake and a bloodstained jacket, along with tissue and skull fragments, near where rescue crews picked up Abdullaev and Gradulenko. “When I saw them, I was startled at their slim, swollen, dark faces,” said Abdullaev’s mother, Lidiya. The pair say they split up with now-missing friends Viktor Komarov and Andrei Kurochkin after the latter hurt his leg. Police have yet to identify the remains, and neither Abdullaev nor Gradulenko has been charged.

Via Daily Mail