Lost White City Rediscovered

Fabled city of riches spotted by plane

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Researchers claim to have discovered the lost city of la Ciudad Blanca, described by Hernan Cortez to King Charvles V. In their reports, Cortez and others described a fabled city filled with riches of gold.

Until now, the reports have gone unverified. But Archeologists and documentary filmmakers Steven Elkins and Bill Benenson believe they’ve found traces of the ruins in jungles of Honduras.

Using low flying airplanes equipped with lasers, the team mapped 60 square miles of the Mosquitia region and sent the data off to the University of Houston for analysis. Engineers there report signs of canals, roads, and building foundations consistent with a large metropolis.

“It was kind of surprising how easy it was to find them,” University of Houston engineer Bill Carter told The New Yorker.

The team plans to study the ruins from the ground later this year while working on a documentary.

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