Maine Hermit Caught After 27 Years

Suspected in 1,000 burglaries

Adam Roy

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It’s been a tough week to be a mountain man. Following the arrest of Troy James Knapp, another notorious hermit suspected in over 1,000 burglaries over 27 years fell into the law’s clutches last week after a game warden caught him breaking into a lakeside camp, police said Wednesday.

Christopher Knight, known as “the North Pond Hermit”, said he had had contact with only one person in his nearly three decades of solitary living.

“He just decided to take off into the woods,” state trooper Diane Perkins-Vance told AFP. “It was just something he decided to do.”

Knight, 47, said he survived by stealing food and other supplies, including a radio and books, from deserted camps. According to the AFP, he told police that the only posession he didn’t steal was his eyeglasses.

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