Man Bites Dog, Dog Bites Man

Police canine required 15 stitches

Caty Enders

A North Carolina man is facing felony assault charges after biting off the ear of a Wilmington Police dog in an attempt to evade arrest. Police tracked 22-year-old Travis Keith Glaspie, wanted on several outstanding warrants, using a trained K-9 named Maxx. When Maxx attempted to wrestle the fugitive to the ground, authorities say Glaspie sunk his teeth into the dog’s ear. “It was something we haven’t seen,” Corporal David Pellegrino said. “Yes, our dogs do get assaulted, but no one has ever tried to cannibalize one of our animals before.” Maxx, in turn, bit Glaspie in the thigh. The man is now being held on a $1 million dollar bond for felony assault of a law enforcement animal.

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