clayton butler paragliding base jumping accident death outside
Clayton Butler (not pictured) died paragliding almost a year after his wife fell to her death in Zion National Park. (Tania Ho/Flickr)

Man Dies in Oahu Paragliding Crash

11 months after his wife died in a BASE jump

clayton butler paragliding base jumping accident death outside
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Extreme sports enthusiast Clayton Butler, 29, died in a paragliding crash at Kaena Point, on the island of Oahu, less than a year after his wife died in a BASE-jumping accident at Zion National Park in Utah.

Butler died Saturday after receiving “blunt-force injuries to the torso,” according to the New York Daily News.

In February 2014, Butler’s wife, Amber Bellows, then 28, died after jumping from the 7,276-foot-high Mount Kinesava in Zion National Park when her parachute failed to open. Butler jumped after her in an attempt to save her but didn’t reach her in time.

Bellows’ death made headlines as the first BASE-jumping fatality at Zion National Park, where the sport is illegal. Butler faced charges for illegal parachuting that could have led to six months in prison, but the charges were later dismissed, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Butler had traveled to Oahu on vacation for “Wingsuiting, speed flying and base jumpin [sic]. See if I can’t find a snorkel and board for a few days too,” according to a Facebook post.

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