Man Mistakenly Joins Rogue Polar Trip

Mechanic aboard when Andhoy fled harbor


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A New Zealand repair man unwittingly joined an illegal expedition to the South Pole after renegade skipper Jarle Andoy fled immigration officials in Auckland harbor last Wednesday. Andoy told the Norwegian public broadcasting company (NRK) that he did not know the marine mechanic was on board repairing an anchor when he made a “hectic departure” for Antarctica. His yacht, the Nilaya, is being sought in the Southern Ocean for travelling without permits or insurance. Andhoy captained an illicit voyage to Antarctica last February that ended in the deaths of three of his four crewmembers when the ship sank in a storm off McMurdo Sound. The NRK reports that Andhoy has chosen to sail without the standard emergency beacon on board to avoid putting others’ lives at risk in the event of an emergency. The New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairssaid Tuesday that the mechanic’s situation is unclear. There has yet to be a request for consular support.

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