Man Pursuing Goats in Goat Suit Found

Claims to be a bow hunter

Adam Roy

The “goat man,” spotted approaching a herd of wild goats in a homemade goat costume, is a hunter from California, Utah wildlife officials said Monday. Phil Douglass of the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources told the Standard-Examiner that the man, a 57-year-old from California, called the agency to tell them that he was testing the suit in preparation for a bowhunting trip next year. Authorities had expressed concern that the man might become a target himself, noting that they were about to issue 60 goat hunting permits for the area. Coty Creighton, the man who first photographed the hunter, said that he was disappointed to discover the goat man’s mundane identity. “I thought I wanted answers, but I was naive,” Creighton said. “I should have left well enough alone. Now I just want the mystery back.”

Via Washington Post