Man Rescued in Outback After Desert Crash

Scrawled SOS in the sand


A 20-year-old Australian man has been rescued after spending 33 hours crawling through the desert. He was the only survivor of a car crash that killed his 19-year-old friend.

Police say both men, who have yet to be identified, were employed as cattle workers near the remote Queensland town of Winton. They had driven into town to go to the local bar and were on their way home when they crashed. The younger of the two, who had been driving, died at the scene.

The lone survivor set out on foot, scrawling SOS messages in the sand as he went. He was found 33 hours later by the crew of a private helicopter, face down in a small pool of water roughly 10 miles from the crash site.

Police officials in Winton said the man was “lucky to be alive.” He was taken to Winton Hospital where he was treated for dehydration and facial injuries.

Via Daily Mail