Man Runs Two 2:10 Marathons in a Month

Breaks world record

Adam Roy

Japanese runner Yuki Kawauchi ran his second 2:10 marathon in a month on Sunday, winning the Hofu Yomiuri Marathon in 2:10:46. Two weeks ago, Kawauchi completed the Fukuoka Marathon in 2:10:29, coming in sixth place. “This year I ran sub-2:13 five times,” Kawauchi told Japan Running News. ” If I can get just a little stronger then I think I’ll be able run sub-2:10 many times in one year.” Kawauchi’s performance is believed to be a new world record for the shortest interval between sub-2:11 marathons. Kawauchi, 25, is famous for running at a world-class level despite holding down a full-time job as a civil servant.

Via Runner’s World