That's one way to keep incubating eggs warm.
That's one way to keep incubating eggs warm.

Man Smuggles Exotic Eggs in His Pants

Busted at Sydney airport

That's one way to keep incubating eggs warm.

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A Czech man has been arrested in Australia after being caught smuggling 16 exotic bird eggs inside his pants. The unnamed 39-year-old was clearing customs at the Sydney airport when he was pulled aside by officers for a random search.

“Officers conducted a frisk search of the man and allegedly found 16 small eggs concealed in his groin area,” said a spokesman for Australia’s Customs and Border Protection Service. The man is expected to be charged with the attempted importation of live regulated specimens without a permit. In Australia, which has some of the world’s strictest quarantine laws due to its fragile ecosystem, a conviction could result in 10 years in prison and $160,000 in fines.

He will appear in court on Tuesday to face the charges.

Meanwhile, the eggs, their origin still a mystery, are being examined by veterinarians and wildlife officials from the Federal Department of Agriculture, who will find the best possible home for them. Regardless of their final destination, we can agree that anywhere is better than in the pants of a smuggler.

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