Massive Climbing Gym Opens in L.A. Brewery

With 42-foot climbing walls and hundreds of routes


Indoor rock climbing—in all its arm-pumping, chalk-filled, adrenaline-rush glory—is taking the workout world by storm. It’s the perfect way to release your inner monkey after a long day at the office, and it’s catching on. Just last Wednesday, the impressive Stronghold Climbing Gym opened at the Brewery in downtown Los Angeles.

The historic Edison Company’s #3 Steam Power Plant, built in 1904, is now home to a state-of-the-art facility that includes 42-foot climbing walls with hundreds of routes. The gym is also equipped with a 2,000-square-foot mezzanine with weights, cardio machines, and pull-up bars that overlooks the bouldering area. Yoga classes are also available to stretch out your climbing muscles. Plus, you can grab a brewski on your way out.

“The outdoor-climbing market is not growing leaps and bounds,” Greg Thomsen, managing director for Adidas Outdoors told Outside. “But gym climbing has a very strong growth rate. Something like 1,000 people a day are starting to sport climb, according to our research.”

Which makes us wonder: When and where will the next mega climbing gym open?