Midwest Pummeled by Thunderstorms

9 are reported dead


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Emergency officials are assessing the damage caused by another burst of thunderstorms and tornadoes that took at least five lives and injured 75 people across the Midwest Friday.

Bearing down on Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, the storms toppled cars and left commuters trapped on an interstate highway. One tornado tossed a Weather Channel storm chaser truck nearly 200 yards before slamming it to the ground, though the passengers escaped with minor injuries.

Storms in Missouri and Arkansas caused considerable property damage and flooding. Three people went missing early Friday and three others were reported killed in flooding near Y City, Arkansas, 125 miles west of Little Rock, Arkansas.

While Friday’s storm didn’t match the fury of the tornado that struck Moore, Oklahoma, 11 days ago, they dumped around 7 inches of rain, making the tornadoes difficult to spot and leading to severe flooding in areas.

“Some tornadoes are wrapped in rain, so it’s basically impossible to see, which is extremely dangerous,” Bruce Thoren, a meteorologist with National Weather Service told The New York Times. “Somebody driving along really not familiar with what’s going on can basically drive into it.”