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Caleb Moore in 2012 (Adam Ohrner/Flickr)

Moore Wins Gold for Brother

A year removed from Caleb’s death

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Colten Moore, a snowmobile freestyle athlete, honored his late brother with a gold medal in the X Games last night. A year removed from his brother’s death in the exact same event, Moore paid tribute to his brother Caleb with an unforgettable performance.

With incredible support from fans, family, and friends, Colten laid down his winning run in the first heat and watched as other riders tried to dethrone him. X Games regulars such as Joe Parsons and Heath Frisby throttled through the air but left Moore’s score of 91.33 atop the scoreboard.

Gold medal secured, a teary-eyed Moore hugged his father and eased into his final run. After a massive flip of his 450-pound sled, Colten stopped and raised his arms to the sky. He later explained just what was going through his head.

“This is the greatest moment ever, to be able to come back and ride for my brother… And not just for him, but with him, because I know he was out here with me all night. To be able to come out here and get gold is unbelievable. I just give it all to him. I know he was the one helping me do everything I was doing. … It’s what me and Caleb grew up doing, pushing each other to go for it. I just knew that he’d be riding with me.” 

Caleb Moore died from injuries sustained during the snowmobile freestyle event at the 2013 X Games. It was the first death in the X Games’ 20-year history. 

From Outside Magazine, April/May 2021
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Lead Photo: Adam Ohrner/Flickr