Moose Attacks Utah Man

Victim escapes with scratches, bruises


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A Utah man found himself the victim of a rare moose attack on Sunday outside Salt Lake City after filming a male moose courting a female. Matt Mellenthin was taking video of a bull moose and female moose at a trailhead east of of the city when the bull charged, knocking Mellenthin down and kicking him. “I’ve never felt that sort of power from a wild animal,” he told ABC4. Mellenthin escaped with only scrapes and bruises. Female moose are most aggressive in the spring calving season, but males are territorial in the fall when they are seeking mates. Attacks on humans are relatively rare, though they are more frequent—and of greater concern—than bear attacks in some national parks. Moose arrived in Utah in the early 1900s and expanded to most of the northern part of the state. Utah’s current population of 3,200 moose are actively hunted, especially for trophies. Hunters took 364 moose in 2008, according to the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources.

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