mount hood oregon mountain biking injury lawsuit
The mountain biker said that race organizers did not properly clean up the trail before the race, which led to her accident. (gloogun/Flickr)

Mountain Biker Sues Race Group Over Injury

Seeks compensation for broken back

mount hood oregon mountain biking injury lawsuit
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Portland mountain biker Lisa Belair has filed suit against organizers of the Dog River Super D bike race after she took a spill on the course and fractured her spine in four places in May 2014, the Oregonian reports.

Belair says trees along the race route that had toppled during a storm days before the event hadn’t been cleared, despite assurances from the race organizers that they had been. A large tree that had fallen across the course couldn’t be moved in time, so race workers covered it with dirt, turning it into a jump that riders weren’t prepared for, Belair says. She hit the jump and crash-landed. Her attorney told the Oregonian that Belair is able to walk and ride, albeit painfully.

Belair is suing Fat Tire Farm and Hurricane Racing for $273,000. Of that amount, $23,300 is for medical bills and lost wages, and the remainder is for pain and suffering.

From Outside Magazine, April/May 2021
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