Mountain Dew to Release Breakfast Soda

Will contain five percent fruit juice

Ryan O'Hanlon

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One of the greatest things about being an adult is being able to, in theory, drink soda for breakfast. I say “in theory” because there has never been a “breakfast soda,” per se. Sure, a Dr Pepper with oatmeal (preferably poured into your oatmeal) is pretty much the ideal start to a day, but it’s never been a socially acceptable thing to do. Until now, that is. 

Mountain Dew is releasing a new line of “breakfast sodas,” called “Kickstart,” as an alternative to coffee, tea, and juice. The drink comes in a 16-ounce can, and it contains five percent fruit juice, some vitamins, and a lot of caffeine.

The soda maker said it doesn’t think of Kickstart as an energy drink. At 92 milligrams of caffeine per 16oz can, Kickstart has 20 more milligrams than a comparable amount of Mountain Dew and about the same amount as a cup of coffee. Rockstar, a popular energy drink brand, boasts a whopping 276 milligrams of caffeine in each of its 24-ounce cans. 

Kickstart will come in two flavors: energizing orange citrus and energizing fruit punch. It is scheduled for release on February 25. Mark your calendars.

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