Mugs Stump Climber Dies in Crevasse Fall

Carried Olympic torch to Everest

Adam Roy

Chinese alpinist Yan Dongdong died in a crevasse fall on Monday while attempting to climb Quelebosi Peak, in China’s Tianshan Mountains. “Yan fell into a hidden deep ice crack and got stuck inside, and his teammates tried many times to rescue him but failed,” Ma Xinxiang, training director of the Chinese Mountaineering Association, wrote in a blog post. Among his other achievements, Dongdong, 28, was a 2012 recipient of the Mugs Stump Award grant, which he and partners Steve Su and Zhou Peng planned to use to fund an expedition to traverse China’s unclimbed Sanlian Peak. Outside of the mountaineering community, he was best known as one of the group of Chinese climbers who brought the Olympic torch to Everest in 2008 prior to the Beijing summer games.

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