Scuba divers in an underwater c
Scuba divers in an underwater cavern. (PaulVinten/Getty Images)

Mysterious Chilean Caves Discovered

Hold clues to continent formation

Scuba divers in an underwater c

On the remote Chilean island of Diego de Almagro, scientists located a sprawling network of 20 underground limestone caves. In the dark depths they found small animal bones, wall paintings, and what could be clues to how the continents formed.

Inside the caves, some of which are 160 feet deep, Chilean and French researchers discovered rock types normally found in more temperate zones, a huge clue to how the continents split apart.

“You can make models of areas where the continents broke off, and this could be one of those spots,” speleologist Natalia Morata told reporters.

Scientists had to rappel and scuba dive to enter the caves. Only one-third of the area has been explored so far.

From Outside Magazine, April/May 2021
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Lead Photo: PaulVinten/Getty Images