Mystery Creature Haunts Kentucky Farms

Unidentified assailant attacking livestock


A farming community in Shelby County, Kentucky, is on the lookout for a mysterious creature they believe to be attacking their livestock. According to farmers, the creature has been attacking, but not eating, smaller animals like goats and calves. Kevin Cox, who lost a goat in the attacks, described the scene at his farm. “I heard the goat, the dogs going off and I ran out there and I looked and saw the goat laying on the ground,” he said. Another goat, Polka-Dot, was badly wounded. Several steers also lost their ears.

In a separate incident, one farmer had to put down five goats due to severe injuries. Another witness reported being briefly followed by a creature she called “indescribable.” Most of the attacks have come at night.

County officials have enlisted the help of the Kentucky Fish and Wildlife Department to identify and capture the creature.

Via WAVE News