New History of Quidditch World Cup

From J.K. Rowling herself


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Harry Potter fans, rejoice! J.K. Rowling hasn’t stopped writing about the teenage wizard’s fantasy world.  

The author recently posted a history of the Quidditch World Cup—the wizard sport played with flying broomsticks—on the website Pottermore. It’s one of the longest pieces of new writing to appear on the site.

The essay—the first of two—was added to the digital version of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, which can be found only on Pottermore. The piece covers the background and historical significance of the tournament as well as specific world cups, including one that took place 137 years ago in Kazakhstan. 

“Neither those in possession of tickets nor any of the players could remember a single game,” Rowling writes. “However, for reasons none of them understood, English Beater Lucas Bargeworthy was missing most of his teeth, Canadian Seeker Angelus Peel’s knees were on backwards, and half the Argentinian team were found tied up in the basement of a pub in Cardiff.”

The second part of Rowling’s history will appear on March 21. She’ll focus on recent Quidditch World Cups, including the one Harry attends in the fourth book.  

Maybe she’ll even write about the championship game Outside attended.    

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