new york city bicycling magazine biking cycling best us cities for biking 2014
New York is better-known for its many traffic jams, but it's investing more and more in becoming bike-friendly. Plus, it's not a bad view for the work commute. (Stephen Finn/Thinkstock)

New York Named Best City for Biking

Recognized for bike-share program, sheer volume of riders

new york city bicycling magazine biking cycling best us cities for biking 2014

New York was named the country’s best city for biking this week by Bicycling magazine. Rising from seventh place on the publication’s previous list (in 2012), New York City beat out reigning cycling hubs like Portland, which fell from first in 2012 to fourth this year, and Minneapolis, which dropped from second to third place.

The magazine based its rankings on a number of factors indicating how a city accommodates bikers. One is bike-sharing programs, which have been launched in metropolitan areas across the country in recent years. New York’s Citi Bike is the nation’s largest, hosting more than 10.3 million rides (and zero deaths) since its May 2013 launch. Other important factors included bike lanes and safety, areas where New York has excelled, having adding more than 400 miles of bike lanes in the past five years. Then there’s the sheer number of people who bike in the city: New York’s bicycle commuters doubled to nearly 35,000 from 2008 to 2012.

The other top 10 cities on the list are Chicago; Washington, DC; Boulder, Colorado; San Francisco; Seattle; Fort Collins, Colorado; and Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Bicycling also named the worst place to bike in the country: Suffolk County, a New York City suburb on Long Island.

From Outside Magazine, April/May 2021
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Lead Photo: Stephen Finn/Thinkstock