News from the field, past to future

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Outside magazine, October 1997

Should Auld Acquaintance Be Forgot …
Together again: the noble, the menacing, the triumphant, the pratfalling, and other unforgettable elements of the outdoor universe

Attention: the Editors Have Left the Building
Celebrating two decades of accuracy, prescience, and gentility. Or something like that.
By Adam Horowitz

To Do: Hang Out at Mall, Torture Little Brother, Save World
A few young go-getters who’ll soon be making headlines
By Brad Wetzler

Sorry, No Can Do
Five athletic achievements you might as well give up on now
By Todd Balf

Nice to See You. Hope You’ll Be Staying Awhile.
Introducing the latest arrivals to the world as we know it
By Elizabeth Royte

Present at the Creation
By Paul Kvinta

Ear to the Ground

Out Front
News from the field, past to future

As Jimi Hendrix impotuned: Please, remember, got to remember, yeah, got to remember, oh Lord. Indeed.

Jimi left this mortal coil before the parade of outdoor adventure spectacle truly got revving, but one imagines that if he had been around when, say , the snowshoing craze hit a few years back, he’d have been out there with us in Yellowstone, blazing a trail in his fleece headband. So let’s honor his advice and consider anew the things of our past. Specifically, the heroes and
villains, feats and blunders that have defined our world for the last 20 years, and continue to do so today.

Illustration by David Miller

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