NOAA Supplied Equipment for Iron Dump

Were "duped" into lending Russ George instrument buoys

Ryan O'Hanlon

The latest government organization to be connected to Russ George’s controversial iron dump? The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Organization. George used 20 ocean-monitoring buoys provided by NOAA to measure water temperature, salinity, and other characteristics for over a year.

NOAA confirmed that they did lend the buoys to George’s project, but maintain they were not told “that it was going to discharge material into the ocean.” George has come under mounting criticism over the past few days, but has defended his innocence, most recently saying, “I’m not a rich, scheming businessman, right. That’s not who I am … this is my heart’s work, not my hip pocket work, right?”

Whether George’s claims hold up remains to be seen. The United Nations Convention on Biological Diversity is expected to agree to a decision today, which will restate the existing global moratorium on ocean fertilization. “It is critical that full enforcement action is taken by the Canadian authorities,” said Duncan Currie, an international lawyer at the CBD. “Canada will be aware that this very serious matter will be addressed at a meeting in London at the end of this month.”

Via New York Times