Norwegian Antarctic Sailor Seeks Help

Andhoy again in trouble


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A Norwegian sailor who made an illegal voyage to Antarctica earlier this year has damaged his ship and needs help from Argentine authorities. Jarle Andhoy, 34, sailed to Antarctica last month to look for the remains of his ship Berserk, which sank last year in a previous voyage. Andhoy lacked permits required to sail to Antarctica and is now wanted in New Zealand. His crew includes a mechanic who mistakenly joined the voyage when Andhoy’s new yacht, Nilaya, left Auckland while he was still on board. Andhoy, a self-proclaimed “Viking”, reportedly plans to head straight to Norway after completing repairs on his broken mast—bypassing New Zealand, where he would likely face prosecution. The Berserk sunk in a storm in February 2011, killing three crew members. Andhoy, who was attempting to drive an ATV to the South Pole with 19-year-old crew member Samuel Massie, was not harmed.

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