NPCA Ad Warns of Impending Budget Cuts

Fiscal cliff has implications for parks

Ryan O'Hanlon

“Sorry, we’re closed,” says a reindeer. It’s a warning from the National Parks Conservation Association in a new ad in The New York Times that imagines what could happen if the country goes off of the so-called “fiscal cliff.” If Congress does not agree to a new budget deal by January, a number of automatic cuts will take place, including a $200 million-plus cut of the National Park Service budget. According to an open petition letter from the NPCA to President Obama and Congress, “That could mean some level of closure at virtually every national park in the system, including reductions in park hours or seasons, closures of campgrounds or visitor’s centers, and even the outright closure of many parks in the next year.” In addition to the letter and the Times ad, the NPCA has also created the hashtag #KeepParksOpen.

Via ThinkProgress