NPS Permanently Caps Half Dome Hikers

Extends 2010 plan

Adam Roy

The National Park Service officials on Friday approved a new plan to permanently limit the number of hikers that can climb the popular cables route up Yosemite’s Half Dome, extending an interim program that has been in place since 2010. The policy will allow roughly 300 people a day up the formation, with permits awarded by lottery in March. Park officials will have some leeway to adjust the final numbers as needed. Despite the wishes of environmentalists, the NPS said that the braided steel cables that have assisted visitors up the final 400 feet since 1919 will remain in place. “With a place like Yosemite that is so dear and important to millions of people, everyone has ideas about what wilderness protection is,” said spokesperson Kari Cobb. “We tried to find a balance that allows people to still experience Yosemite while protecting Yosemite.” Five people have died in accidents on the cables route since 2006.

Via USA Today