The Oddest Couple

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In the tradition of the 1986 Run-D.M.C.–Aerosmith collaboration, rapper Ludacris and raunch-rocker Tommy Lee will star in Battleground Earth, a reality show premiering Sunday, August 3, on Discovery’s Planet Green. The premise: The bad boys tour the country in biodiesel buses and tackle “eco-challenges” along the way. At one point, they partake in the world’s largest outdoor group shower to promote (they claim) water conservation. Ryan Krogh talked to each of the actors.

OUTSIDE: Who was more eco-minded to start with?

LUDACRIS: I don’t think either one of us was really green.

So were you worried you might be wrong for the series?

Not at all. I never said I was gonna become the poster boy for some environmentalist group. And it’s not like I’m not learning anything from this show. I’m definitely about to start recycling.

How do you like working with Tommy?

We get along really well. At the end of the day, Tommy is crazy, but he’s probably the most humble and down-to-earth guy that I’ve met, celebritywise—besides, you know, myself.

Tommy, any plans to green your lifestyle?

LEE: I’m gonna rock some solar panels, change my lightbulbs, install some fake grass—you don’t need to mow it, fertilize it, water it, none of that.

How’s working with Ludacris?

Dude, I love that guy. He’s one rapper who actually has something to say, who doesn’t sing the same stupid shit about “up in the club with the money and the champagne” and all that.

What do you hope the audience takes away from your new show?

In my life, a lot of things are a blur. Everything goes so fast. So sometimes we’ve got to slow down and just take in some information.