Boulder Colorado Tube to Work Day Boulder Creek Floods
Tube to Work Day in Boulder (JBVfromFK/flickr)

Only in Boulder: Tubing to Work

Does this beat sitting in traffic?

Boulder Colorado Tube to Work Day Boulder Creek Floods

File this one under “Only in Boulder.” Today marks the seventh annual Tube to Work Day for the outdoorsy metropolis at the foot of the Flatirons.

The adventurously employed gathered this morning at Eben G. Fine Park clad in various interpretations of “business casual” and set off into Boulder Creek, ensuring they would arrive at work a little wetter than usual.

Tube to Work Day has previously been held in June as an aquatic component of Colorado’s annual Bike to Work Day, but high water levels in Boulder Creek led organizers to postpone the event this year.

The main requirement for TTWD participants (other than, presumably, having an understanding employer) is to get yourself to Eben G. Park by means of “alternative transportation”—that is, sans car. Which raises the question: If you cycle there in the morning, how do you pick up your bike at the end of the workday?

From Outside Magazine, April/May 2021
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Lead Photo: JBVfromFK/flickr