Not making our team
Not making our team

Outside Magazine Quidditch Tryouts

Our plan. Take the 2011 Quidditch World Cup home to Santa Fe, New Mexico. All we need is you.

Not making our team

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Greatness. It’s the reason we compete. It’s the standard we judge ourselves by. It’s the core of the books, movies, key fobs, and cobranded plush toys that inspire us. It is us: the 2011 Outside Magazine Partially Icelandic Quidditch World Cup Team.

And we want you to join our ranks. On Saturday, October 29, at 2 p.m., we’ll be holding tryouts in New York City, at the softball fields on the west side of Central Park, roughly at 66th Street. If you’re an athletic muggle, male or female, come show us your best. It will not be easy. You’ll be asked to perform push-ups, run suicide sprints, and throw a medium-sized rubber ball into a trash can far away, all while holding a regulation broomstick between your legs. But the rewards could be immense. Top snitches will be offered the chance to bring glory to the OMPIQWCT at the 100-team World Cup finals on Randall’s Island, November 12-13.

Come. Be great!

Note: Aspiring members need not bother about the rules just yet but must be free for a practice, maybe even two, and for the World Cup.

Note 2: For reasons related to eligibility and our claimed team heritage, those of Viking stock will receive priority.

Note 3: For those of you willing to take a demerit before the tryouts, feel free to email our captain with questions.

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