The Outside Prognosticator: Dolores: Whole Lotta Illin’ Comin’ On

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Outside magazine, January 1996

The Outside Prognosticator: Dolores: Whole Lotta Illin’ Comin’ On

Prognostications ’96

Dolores Cannon, a 64-year-old, Huntsville, Arkansas-based occultist whose friendly face is at odds with her terrifying predictions, is the author of the three-volume Conversations with Nostradamus. The books promise definitive interpretations of 500 of the mysterious verse prophecies laid down by the sixteenth-century Frenchman, who she believes
foresaw Hitler’s rise and the assassination of Yitzhak Rabin. Cannon says that Nostradamus communicates with her through hypnotized acquaintances and that he talks in terms of decades, not precise years. “From now until the end of the nineties,” she says gently, “is a time of great confusion.” Here’s what to expect during the millennium’s closing hours:

  • A volcano that has not erupted in our history will erupt, and a city at the base of the volcano will be destroyed, along with a nuclear reactor. Where? The only clue we have is red soil.”
  • “The worst hurricane in U.S. history will hit Florida on the Atlantic side, and the NASA facilities will be completely wiped out.”
  • “Atlantis will not rise again in this decade–it will be 2029 if it happens at all.”
  • “In Los Angeles, the Big One isn’t coming yet, but in the middle of winter temperatures there will rise to 125 degrees, and there will be tremendous forest fires. Nostradamus says,’ People will be dropping like flies.'”

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