A climber fell 200 feet and died while descending the Nose of El Cap.
A climber fell 200 feet and died while descending the Nose of El Cap. (Wikimedia Commons)

Partners Shed Light on Nose Climber’s Fall

Fell 200 feet to his death last May

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Climbing partners of Tyler Gordon, the 22-year-old rock climber who fell 200 feet to his death in Yosemite National Park last May, present during his fall from El Capitan’s Nose, released information on what led to the accident, according to an article published Wednesday in Rock and Ice.

Gordon (son of Doug Gordon, who drown on a kayaking trip in 1998) was on a 12-month road trip through Europe and the United States when he visited Yosemite. On May 22, he paused to admire the view from the ledge of Camp 6, Rock & Ice reported.

Cletis Blum was leading the Changing Corners pitch above Gordon and their other climbing partners. In a blog post, Blum wrote that the next thing they knew, Gordon was falling, according to Rock and Ice. “But there was nothing to hold him,” wrote Blum.

Friends who were nearby, including Blum and climbing partner Ryan Dilts, said that Gordon may have thought he was still clipped into the anchor or Grigri he’d used to ascend the fixed rope to Camp 6. Gordon fell 20 feet to the next ledge, then farther down to the Camp 5 ledge. Although Blum, who is trained as a Wilderness First Responder, was able to reach him quickly, attempts to revive him were unsuccessful.

UPDATE: September 24, 10:45 MDT: A previous version of this article did not include information about Doug Gordon.

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