Pastrana Crashes Out of X-Games

Motocross trick breaks star's foot


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Travis Pastrana’s X-Games came to a quick end on Thursday when the Motocross and rally racing star crashed his dirt bike, breaking his right ankle and foot. Pastrana had attempted a 720-degree spin with a flip—a trick he calls the “toilet paper roll”—as part of the Moto X Best Trick event, his first competition of the games. He tried it twice, but crashed both times and broke his right foot and ankle on the second attempt. He will require surgery and will likely withdraw from the games. Pastrana was scheduled to compete in the Moto X Freestyle and the Rally Car RallyCross events, as well as drive in his first-ever NASCAR race on Saturday—all part of a packed summer schedule he called “Pastranathon.” Jackson Strong, a 19-year-old Australian, won the Best Trick with a front flip. Strong’s flip is the first to be landed in competition on a motocross motorcycle.

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