Paul Watson Skips Bail, Flees Germany

Sea Shepherd founder feared extradition

Caty Enders

Anti-whaling activist and Sea Shepherd Conservation Society founder Paul Watson has fled Germany, where authorities were shortly to decide whether or not to extradite him to Costa Rica. The 61-year-old conservationist had been arrested while changing planes in Frankfurt in May and released on a $320,000 bond. The courts had just two more weeks to decide whether to accede to a 2002 international arrest warrant issued for endangering a fishing vessel. Watson maintains that the Costa Rican crew was engaged in illegal shark-finning off Guatemala and that the ship was never in any danger. Sea Shepherd’s administrative director confirmed that the group feared Japan would then seek extradition from Costa Rica to prosecute Watson for endangering Japanese crews while attempting to combat illegal whaling. Watson had asked Germany to block his extradition on the grounds that he would not be safe in Costa Rica.

Via The Guardian