Photo of German ‘Forest Boy’ Released

Identity still a mystery; story doubtful

Caty Enders

On Wednesday, Berlin Police released a photo and statement asking for help identifying an English-speaking boy who appeared in the city last September claiming to have lived in the forest with his father for five years. Police spokesman Thomas Neuendorf said officials had launched an extensive investigation, including DNA testing, since the boy appeared September 5, 2011, but had been unable to identify him. The teenager told authorities that he had no recollection of life before his years in the woods of Southern Germany and that he left the forest after his father died, using a compass to walk five days to Berlin. Neuendorf did express concerns about inconsistencies in the boy’s account. When he showed up at City Hall asking for help, he was clean and the tent he carried appeared little used. “The Youth Office and the Berlin Police have great doubts on the boy’s story,” the police said in its statement.

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