Postal Rider Denies Doping Admission

Armstrong teammate in EPO controversy


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A former teammate of Lance Armstong admitted, then denied, using EPO, according to an article published in the August edition of the Dutch magazine NUSport. In a June interview, Max van Heeswijk, a retired professional cyclist who rode with Armstrong between 2002 and 2006 on the U.S. Postal and Discovery teams, reportedly said “Yes” when journalist Nando Boers asked if he had ever used EPO. According to the story, Van Heeswijk later demanded that Boers not report the admission, then confiscated a tape Boers had made of the conversation. Van Heeswijk says he was misunderstood. “Why would I admit to such a thing?” he asked on Wednesday. NuSport says Heeswijk later evaded the magazine’s attempts contact him, resurfacing only a day before the issue was scheduled to print. A VeloNews summary of the story reports that van Heeswijk discussed doping among members of “the team, the individuals Armstrong and (Floyd) Landis.” Armstrong has not yet responded to the allegation.

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