Prince William

Earlier this year, the prince met with members of Cycle of Life, a British biking charity that was about to depart on a 5,000-mile ride through Africa. Reporter CHARLIE NORTON was on hand for the royal send-off.

Charlie Norton

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PRINCE: [to all]
It’s super. You are taking on an extraordinary journey—all of you. This is crucial to conservation in Africa and should help to benefit Africa’s precious natural environment.

PRINCE: [to a cyclist with a bandaged knee]
What have you done there?

CYCLIST: I got caught with my feet in the pedals when I was clipped in and fell and landed on my knee.

PRINCE: Oh, dear. That’s just what would have happened to me. Well, you’re very tough to keep doing it. Good luck to you.

PRINCE: [to a cyclist on a bike with loaded panniers]
Have you filled those with lead weights for show? It looks like you have a hell of a lot to carry. It must be difficult to stay upright.

PRINCE: [opening one of the bags and removing a can of beans]
Well, you will be powering yourself on beans. Best to stay at the front at all times, I suppose, with all that farting.

PRINCE: [to all]
I will be very interested to look up your progress while you are out there. Keep me up to date. Seriously, good luck to all of you.

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