Publication Reveals McAfee’s Location With Photo Data

Programmer still in hiding

Caty Enders

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On-the-run software designer John McAfee seems to have made a mistake in trusting a pair of journalists from VICE magazine with his whereabouts: The risqué online publication published a photo of the fugitive earlier today with the headline, “We Are With John McAfee Right Now, Suckers.” But it seems they failed to wipe the photo’s GPS data, which a hacker on Twitter noticed pinpoints him at a location in eastern Guatemala. McAfee, who is wanted in connection with the shooting death of a neighbor, was presumed to still be hiding out in Belize.

UPDATE: The VICE photographer and McAfee have each come forward on social media to take credit for deliberately manipulating the geotags to keep their location secret. But—VICE has also deleted the original photo and replaced it with one without GPS data….

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