Rémy Lécluse’s Body Found on Manaslu

Böhm claims first oxygen-free ski descent

Adam Roy

A team of Sherpas has found the body of Chamonix skier Rémy Lécluse on Manaslu, two weeks after he was reported missing in a massive avalanche. Ishwari Paudel, managing director of Himalayan Guide, said that a team of seven Sherpas had discover Lécluse’s remains. “His body was swept about 600 metres from the Camp Three. The Sherpas pulled it out from a crevasse,” Paudel said. Lécluse was attempting to ski Manaslu with Glen Plake and Greg Costa; while Plake survived the avalanche, Costa is missing and presumed dead. Last week, Dynafit skier Benedikt Böhm claimed Manaslu’s first oxygen-free ski descent, calling it “the worst ski descent ever.”

Via Adventure Journal