Rabid Mountain Lion Killed With Skillet

Animal attacked dog at AZ camp


An Arizona man killed a rabid mountain lion with a skillet in Tonto National Forest earlier this month after it attacked his dog. Brandon Arnold, 24, and eight friends were making breakfast at a remote campsite on May 4 when a large animal attacked Arnold’s 90-pound pit bull mix. “It was hard to tell what it was. I thought it was somebody’s dog, so I was just pissed off somebody brought a mean dog to camp,” said Arnold’s friend Donald Jones. When they realized it was a mountain lion, Arnold grabbed a 14-inch cast-iron skillet and hit the mountain lion over the head several times until it went still. A friend shot it for good measure. Arizona Fish and Game tested the animal and confirmed that it was infected with rabies. The dog was already vaccinated for rabies and survived with minor injuries.

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