Rainier Snowboarders Await Rescue

Two were caught in storm

Adam Roy

Rescue teams are hoping to reach two snowboarders stranded on Mount Rainier this morning after failing to reach them last night. Derek Tyndall and Thomas Dale took shelter in a snow cave at around 10,000 feet and called for help Sunday after being caught in a storm that dumped two to four feet of snow. They used a cell phone to call 911. Mount Rainier National Park spokesman Kevin Bacher said that rescuers hoped to reach them before being shut down by the sunset. “Darkness comes early this time of the year,” Bacher said, “so we only have a few hours of daily really to get to them and find them and get them down before nightfall.” As of Tuesday morning, the snow was so deep that a team of 30 rescuers was still having difficulty reaching the two.

UPDATE, 1:24 p.m. MT: A rescue team has located the two snowboarders, according to a national park spokeswoman, and is making its way to them now. No word yet on their condition.