Readers’ Nominations for the A-Team

We asked and you responded. Outside readers from across the globe wrote in with their nominations for the A-Team. Herewith, a sampling from the field.

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Tanya Streeter, Freediver, Woman’s World Record Holder in Saltwater “Constant Ballast” Category
“Her records speak for themselves.”
Mike Zellers, Amherst, Ohio

Topher Gaylord, Mountain Jock, Longtime Director of North Face Climbing Team
“One of the most well-rounded outdoor athletes on the planet. He is an expert climber, windsurfer, endurance runner, skier, and biker.”
Dean Karnazes, San Francisco, California

Michael Poucher, Cave Diver, Vice-Chairman of the Cave Diving Section of the National Speleological Society

“He has explored and mapped miles of caves in Florida and the Caribbean, including Briland’s in the Bahamas and the newer map of the Peacock Springs system. He has paved the way to exploration, mapping and scientific studies in some of Florida’s beloved state parks. Good- looking, too!”
Sandra Poucher, Ocala, Florida

Laird Hamilton, Big-Wave, Rider. Member of Outside‘s 2000 A-Team

“The most extreme person on the ocean, period. Surfing the biggest waves on the planet—anyone of those waves could kill him.”
Eric de Arriba, Panama City, Panama

Kelly Slater, Surf God, A-Team Member, Recently Announced Return to ASP World Tour Following a Three-Year Retirement

“The only thing I want to know about this guy: Is he single?”
Julie Spinner, Dayton, Ohio

Paul Melnyk, Extreme Fisherman

“Coined the term skishing and pioneered this extreme surf fishing technique. He does this at night among the rocks off Montauk, New York, free floating in a wet suit while catching large striped bass. This guy has taken surf fishing up several notches. I have met him several times and this is for real!”
Jerry van de Sande, Neptune, New Jersey

Lance Armstrong, Cyclist, Three-Time Tour de France Champion, Member of Outside‘s 2000 A-Team

“The Man. He silenced his critics with his third, definitive win of the Tour De France. Need I say more?”
Frank, Boston, Massachussets

Leo Malloy, Climber, High School Wilderness Instructor

“Educating high school students about the secret of the outdoors is laughable in most schools. However, my instructor, Leo Malloy, does the job, and he does it well. Whether teaching his classes how to start a fire in the rain, or how to build a traction splint for a broken femur, the man’s brain is like a wilderness abyss. He isn’t just a member of the A-Team. He is the definition.”
Noel Coleman, Gunnison, Colorado

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