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USA's four-man bobsled team took gold in 2010 (familymwr/Flickr)

Record Number of U.S. Athletes in Sochi

230 American athletes descend on Winter Games

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Next week, 230 American athletes will set the record for the largest delegation at a Winter Olympic Games. With 106 returning Olympians—who have 49 medals between them—fans will be hard-pressed to find an event without a member of Team USA.

The team will be led by veterans such as six-time Nordic combined Olympian Todd Lodwick and skier Bode Miller, who will be competing in his fifth games. Miller will need three podium finishes to tie record-holder Apolo Ohno with eight Winter Olympic medals for the red, white, and blue.

The U.S. Olympic Committee announced on Monday that the youngest American athlete is 15-year-old freeskier Maggie Voisin, and the oldest is Ann Swishelm, a 45-year-old curler.

The U.S. ski and snowboard teams will fill out 94 of the 230 American spots. No matter the sport, however, every American athlete will be wearing these Opening Ceremony uniforms as the games begin on February 7.

Watch U.S. ski jumper Sarah Hendrickson’s latest training techniques.

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