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Suzy Walsham won this year's event in under 12 mintues (Kane Skennar/Thinkstock)

Record Set at Empire State Run-Up

Australian woman climbs 86 flights in 11:57 for her fifth title

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Suzy Walsham won her record-breaking fifth Empire State Building Run-Up on Wednesday night. The 40-year-old Australian conquered 86 flights of stairs in just under 12 minutes.

More than 500 people registered for this year’s event, which is one of the premiere tower climbs in the world. Starting in the lobby, contestants are faced with 1,576 steps before finishing on the 86th floor. 

Much like a marathon, the start times are staggered, which allows the elite men and women to begin first, followed by waves of the general field. 

“That was a goal of mine coming here. No other female has won it more than four times and I wanted to be the first,” said five-time winner Walsham.

Norwegian Thorbjorn Ludvigsen won the men’s race with a time of 10:06.

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From Outside Magazine, April/May 2021
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Lead Photo: Kane Skennar/Thinkstock