Red Bull Drops Tanner Hall

Ends 11-year sponsorship of skier

Caty Enders

Red Bull released a statement on Wednesday announcing the end of their long-standing relationship with freeskier Tanner Hall. The 28-year-old is a record-breaking seven-time X Games champion and was voted Powder Magazine’s 2009 Skier of the Year in a readership poll. He has since suffered from a spate of injuries that have kept him off the slopes, including a bad jump in 2009 in which he tore his ACL in both knees. “After 11 years of hard work for Red Bull and everything I have done and been through the[y] decided to drop me,” Hall tweeted from New Zealand, where has was participating in the Red Bull High Performance Camp. Hall is planning a return to competition this year as he attempts to qualify for the 2014 Winter Olympics. His agent has indicated that the hunt for a new sponsor is underway.