Revolutionary New Camera Coming Soon

It allows you to shoot first, focus later.


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A new consumer camera due out later this year from Silicon Valley start-up Lytro allows users to change the focus of their pictures after they are taken. Simply clicking on a fuzzy background or foreground brings that part of the photo into focus, appropriately blurring the rest of the image while keeping the same depth of field. The transformation is possible thanks to a special sensor in the camera called a microlens array, which remembers the angles at which light enters the camera. The result, incredibly, is like having several lenses in one camera. Lytro founder and chief executive Ren Ng, 31, first explained the idea in his 2006 doctoral thesis at Stanford University, and has since been working to bring the camera to the consumer market. Lytro has not yet announced a price or release date for the camera. See a video of how the camera works here.

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