Ride with Pride

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Outside magazine, March 1995

Ride with Pride
Finding a Bike That Fits
Stop straddling that tube and adjust your saddle, road cowboy
By Dana Sullivan

It Pays to Keep a Level Head
How to wear your helmet right
By Dana Sullivan

Practicing Rolling Acts of Kindness
Harmonious trail riding in five friendly steps
By Sara Corbett

The Dirt Dictionary

The Spin Doctor Says: Pair Up Wisely
By Dr. Ruth Westheimer

Mountain-Bike Skills: Let the Missile Guide You
Missy Giove’s hard-won lessons in fat-tire control
By Kiki Yablon

Rid Yourself of Pain
Shock absorbers: the next generation
By Alan Coté

Well, It Won’t Fix Itself: Part 1
How to straighten a bum rim
By Scott Sutherland

Progressive Machines: New Mountain Bikes
By Bob Howells and Gordon Black

Keep Your Chin Up
…and your day job. A racer’s life is far from glamorous.
By Alan Coté

Well, It Won’t Fix Itself: Part 2
Be stronger that your weakest chain link
By Scott Sutherland

Road Bike Skills: Take It From Mr. Persistence
Steve Bauer’s tips from a lifetime on the road
By Scott Sutherland

Well, It Won’t Fix Itself: Part 3
The ego-inflating way to fix a flat
By Scott Sutherland

Managing the Pressure
By Alan Coté

Careful Buster
Urban attitude advice from an honest cop
By Sara Corbett

Progressive Machines: New Road Bikes
By John Lehrer

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