Romanians Win World Carp Championship

In controversy, catch more than a ton of fish

Ryan O'Hanlon

Here’s how to win the World Carp Angling Championships: get yourself a good rod, host the tournament, and feed the local carp your secret bait recipe bait for five straight months before the competition begins. At least, that’s what Romania did. Five months prior to this year’s tournament at Lake Corbu, the Romanian team of elite rodmen fed the carp with a secret bait recipe daily. They won the team and individual competitions rather easily, bringing in 1.7 tons of fish. While pre-feeding is technically legal—some teams caught on and used similar recipes—other teams feel that the practice is against the the spirit of fair competition. England, among the pre-tournament favorites, finished in 17th and have lodged a formal complaint. “It is obvious that any team fishing with the particular type of bait would do well and the rest would really struggle to get a bite,” said England team manager Ian Huntington. “Within two hours of the match starting we were asking ourselves questions about the bait.” 

Via Deadspin