Rutherford Sails Solo Around Americas

27,000-mile journey complete in Annapolis


In Annapolis, Maryland on Wednesday, Matt Rutherford became the first person to sail alone and unsupported around North and South America. Rutherford, 31, crossed over the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel Wednesday morning just before 11 A.M., ten months after he first set sail from Annapolis on his boat, St. Brendan. Rutherford purified his own water, supplemented his diet of packaged food with fish, and lost his collection of books to mold in the Northwest Passage. He will not officially make landfall until Saturday, April 21, according to his blog. In March, Rutherford spoke about his return to society with ambivalence. “[At sea] your problems become very basic and are based on survival, not drama,” he said. “I am starting to look forward to land but land is also where the problems live.”

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