Schools Reconsider Running Punishment

"Give me 20 laps!" may be illegal

Ryan O'Hanlon

Goofing off at a high school sports practice somewhere in Iowa? Well, your days of being punished with laps could be coming to an end. A Des Moines high school football coach is being accused of violating the state’s laws against corporal punishment in schools after he reportedly made a sophomore player run more than 20 hill sprints, complete at least 20 up-downs, and run two laps around the practice field for making disparaging comments about the school’s varsity team. The coach was suspended, and school officials are reexamining their policies. There is an exemption in the state code that allows corporal punishment through “reasonable requests” for extracurricular activities, but some in youth athletics are worried that this incident might cause an overreaction from school officials. “If they start disallowing any form of discipline in this way, I think youth sports are in trouble,” said Tom Wilson, activities director at Dowling Catholic High School.

Via Des Moines Register