Sewage Spill Fouls NY Beaches

Fire at plant forces waste into Hudson


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A fire at a New York sewage treatment facility dumped million gallons of untreated waste into the Husdon river last week, prompting continued warnings to stay out of the water at four New York beaches. The fire, which broke out at the North River Wastewater Treatment Plant on Wednesday morning, destroyed a critical pump and forced plant workers to divert sewage into the Hudson. In what was likely the hottest weekend of the year, it took more than 100 workers until Saturday afternoon to repair the pump and stop the spill, three-and-a-half days and millions of gallons of sewage later. City officials have not closed any beaches but are warning against swimming, kayaking or windsurfing in the Hudson, or at South Beach, Staten Island’s Midland and Cedar Grove Beaches, or Brooklyn’s Sea Gate. When fully functional, the North River plant treats roughly 120 million gallons of wastewater each day.

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